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Our Services

Our Services

Bookzone’s core book-related activities include:

We mount displays at industry events such as education conferences, workshops, and seminars. We also maintain and ‘opt-in’ mailing list which we use to efficiently disseminate information to a wide range of book industry stakeholders including principals, teachers, MOE officials, and booksellers.
The Bookzone team works closely with its publishers and the MOE in order to ensure that the books are current, reviewed on a timely basis, and appear on the approved lists.

Book Marketing

Bookzone is committed to supplying quality textbooks for early childhood, primary and secondary schools that are in line with the current curriculum and syllabuses. Bookzone now represent fourteen publishers, two of whom are based overseas.
We onboard each of our publishers using a proven 7-step system which ensures that each title (textbook or workbook) is made available in the correct format, is optimally priced, and is adequately announced to the book trade. We work with our publishers to create digital assets to support our blended book marketing activities that take place using face-to-face and digital channels. By using our services, publishers get access to our integrated platforms that facilitates book printing, importation, pricing, warehousing, promotion, order taking/entry, invoicing, fulfilment, and receivables management.



Book Sales

Bookzone’s is a major supplier of textbooks in the local economy, serving the Jamaica’s Ministry of Education (MOE), its primary customer, and scores of bookshops island wide.

Bookzone’s representation of its publishers has proved fruitful for them. A high proportion of the books in its catalogue are currently on the MOE’s approved lists. The Ministry of Education has been using our flagship primary English series —New Primary English since 2014.

Bookzone opened its e-books store on the BookFusion platform in October 2020. Visit the store at

Book Distribution

Bookzone is registered with the Public Procurement Commission as a book distributor. Over the past five years, we have developed enduing relationships with a network of transportation providers. In 2015, or had-working team delivered 120,000+ copies of Datazone’s New Primary English delivered to 900+ primary schools island wide. This enabled Bookzone to fulfil its contract with the MOE in record time. In 2019, the MOE ordered 116,000 of Datazone’s Primary English Across the Curriculum Series. Once again, the team was able to distribute these in record time.
We are able to receive full container loads of books, unpack, repack, and dispatch in mere days. Contact us now to discuss your next book distribution project.